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My Monster Power 32 is going to go into a Cub this week. I made a test stand last night that will fit I believe all of my X mounts I use.

I just bench tested my Monster Power 32 on a 3S and 4S battery.
13x8 APCe prop is what I had tried at first.
6400RPM and 320W max on 3S
7700RPM and 620W max on 4S

12x10 Wood prop was next
8400RPM and 520W max on 4S
These wattage/RPM values are on a fresh pack at about 90%charged (resting voltage around 4.0V)

This is pretty well in line (as one could expect) with the motor calc program I use:

I chose an Eflite 32, then set the motor to custom and changed the Kv to what I measured as 705Kv. I have a laser tach and tach the motor w/o a prop to get the true Kv. I then set the battery to the Internal resistance I measured on my iCharger 106B+. Next Set the resting cell voltage to 4V (About what you get after the first 30-60 seconds of run up). Don't forget that your resting battery voltage will drop to around 3.75 at the end so I like some power in reserve
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