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Originally Posted by mcrotor View Post
Got my YJ board westerday and started to work on it tonight.

Soldered everything up and installed the hardware on the drone.

Next I tried to upload Mheeli's sketch but for some reason the YJ would not accept it. Tried different baud rates and resetting the YJ and still nothing but the failed upload message. Something to do with not being able to sync.

Looked on line at the Arduino IDE help site but found nothing I was doing was wrong.

I don't know what prompted me to get out my magnifying glasses and have a closer look at the YJ board but lucky I did. I found that two of the Atmega328 chip's legs were bridged with solder. Wierd. Once I cleaned that little mess up low and behold the sketch uploaded and all is well. Whew!!!!!! Started to set the radio up (Spektrum 8) but ran out of time.

Will have at it again tomorrow after work. Fun fun fun!!!!!!

Good catch Marty. Perhaps when you were soldering, a small piece of solder could of come off your iron and onto your board. I'm sure the YJ's are checked before shipping. When I set up my radio and was checking the #'s on the montor screen, I didn't have to adjust travel throw on channels 1-4. When the sticks were moved, I received the numbers posted, not exactly the same but very close. Make sure you get "+" when required or your Drone will fly opposite on that axis. Your going to be blown away by the difference in flying. Post some video if you can.

Mheeli, is your new sketch ready to try?
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