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EPP Move

Originally Posted by ducatirdr View Post
I saw a few notes on people wishing for an ARF version of this plane. I suggest you wait for the spares to be posted and see if you can put together an ARF out of the spare parts list and save a $100. I saw a thread on the little Champ where a guy listed all the parts to make up a BNF version of the Champ. He saved about $25 dollars off the total price not needing the TX or charger, those ugly/terrible wing decals and so on. Some may say its not worth the hassle but other people like saving $25 bucks.

I have recently moved from EPP 3D planes to balsa and found the leap of faith to be more than I bargained for. Flying EPP is like working on the simulator. No worries about crashing = great close in flying. Flying balsa now has you up about 3 mistake high. My light weight balsa has me fearful of a minor bang putting me into a major rebuild.

I'm wondering if this plane is a 1/2 step from foam to balsa. The floaty easy to fly foam with the ability to take a small hit and ding rather than crack, over the precise balsa with its superior lighter weight/size but at the expense of fragility.

It certainly looks like the best foam 3D model I have ever seen. True Horizon solution. From the box to the field in record time while containing the best mass production components.

Project triangle in Horizon's view - Fast is from the box to the air and also from design to delivery of product.

FAST - GOOD - CHEAP = Pick two
Yeah... I've been wondering that as well. I've gotten a ton of comments & questions on this plane as a "transition plane from epp" on my blog as I'm a EPP blogger but personally, I'm still not sold on it / I still prefer the epp options available in this size range. I think there are planes in the same size range, made of epp - that are just as good performance wise, yet retain the resilience of epp - and are cheaper! :-) For instance, The Bouncer from is my latest build - and I find it more than capable. Put Quique on the sticks and I'm sure he could make it look as good as his Carbon Z. :-)

My 2 cents. lol

Bouncer by tufflightDOTcom .m4v (10 min 13 sec)
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