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Hitec RCD Aurora 9 - V1.08 Update Includes:

Originally Posted by Manta1 View Post
so there is an update to the expo software in the aurora?I missed it if it was menioned in the thread earlier.
It's on the V1.08 list guys. Expo to be styled more like JR/Futaba - Mike.

Ultimate EPA's - Mike.

Battery Alarm Override - Mike.

V1.08 will allow you to see the high/low on RPM, Speed, Alt but no warning on these. - Mike.

V1.08 is due in Mid Jan. includes Limits on EPA. - Mike.

V1.08 is due after mid Jan11"As mentioned earlier... there were a couple of tweaks needed in V1.08 so it is delayed slightly"- Mike.

V1.08 tweak required before release, delayed until mid Feb 2011.

"We will have the ability to monitor two separate batteries" when the "E" sensor station is available
that replaced the fuel sensor in the current SS with amperage (up to 200A) and voltage (up to 100v.) Mike.

V1.08 - further information released. :"Real quick for now. - Mike"

1. Model select screen scrolls four models at a time, not just one.
2. Push and hold exit icon to get back to home screen instead of multiple times.
3. B-fly (Crow) can be always on.
4. Reset for battery alarm.
5. When “Model Reset” selected the system keeps the “Model Name & Model Type” unchanged.
The Option on the Model Type will be remain unchanged as well.
6. “Warning at Start Up” setup can be applied to all models in the radio at once by selecting “To All Models”
7. “On-Board (RX) Battery Warning level” can be adjusted before the TX & RX connected.

21Dec10 New Timer Screen

20Jan11: Expo Curves Old vs New under upgraded Aurora V1.08 and as per attached jpg.

03Feb11: New EZ View

08Mar11: V1.08(0) up and running. - Preview of HPP-22 Info Screen attached below.
Hitec FAQ page with full detail and instructions.

Aurora Manual v1.08(0) Update Pages. 7 new pages. {a .pdf, right click & Save Target As"}
Includes new option to allow TX to transmit without the "yes" "no" confirmation.
If this feature is turned off bypassing the confirmation, then you will not be able to update the module.
So, where applicable, switch "Check frequency" back on to perform the module update (when supplied)
and then you can switch it back off once update to module is completed.

24 May 2011:
Aurora A9 - Firmware Update - Next.
1. Ability to turn off RX LBW before on board battery disconnected.

8 July 2011:
Stick Switches "It's like flipping a switch when your stick gets too a certain spot. There is one in Launch mode so for example when you push a little down elevator is shuts off the mix. I'm hoping we can add more in the future, but I can't say for sure if we have the room needed as they take up a fair amount of memory. - Mike."

11 July 2011:
Aurora 9 - Firmware Upgrade - V1.08(1) is online.
- updates the following:

1. Spelling changes as lower or upper case letter
. System and Model
MODE - Mode
. Stick Mode – MODE 1 : Mode 1 (2,3 and 4)
[Flight Cond]NORMAL : [Flight COND]Normal
NORMAL - Normal
INSERT - Insert
Cond - COND
SET - Set
Thro. - THRO.
[Throttle Curve] : NORMAL - Normal
Info - INFO
NULL - Null
NONE - None
Thro.Cut - THRO.Cut
ThroLock - THROLock

- Spectra Pro
Modulat - MODU
Freq Sel - FREQ.SEL

- Timer
DOWN - Down
UP - Up

2. In the V-tail mix, under Butterfly function, Rudder channel is not working in the V1.08(0), in that (+) and (-) mixing value cannot be adjusted, this bug fixed.

3. When you want to control Spoiler Channel Control with Throttle stick (Mode 1 - J2, Mode 2 - J3), between the direction of Throttle stick and direction Elevator movement are opposite each other inder V1.08(0) is fixed.

After update to V1.08(0) +

1. Battery. Please check [System] > [SYS.MGMT] > screen 2/2 > [Battery] and ensure battery type is still displayed as :
"Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh" or "Li-Po" and relative Lipo "Off Voltage" is unchanged as applicable.
If Li-Po is installed TX, please check Auto Hibernation screen 1 is set to "Never"
Aurora 9 - Lipo User Adjustable Voltage sets Shut Down = TURNS TX OFF to save damage to Lipo Battery and/or TX.
(Audible Battery Warning is still at 6.9V with Lipo which provides say 10-20 min before shutdown.)

2. Check all Model Functions
. As per previous two updates, Aurora 9 programming is so flexible that no firmware designer could ever envisage
and take into account all the possible user settings and ensure that absolutely none will be effected during an upgrade
and still get the updates out in a timely cost effective manner. (especially free upgrades..)
Monitor screen assists check of each model.

Another reason recheck all functions each model is essential after an upgrade"[/SIZE]
. It is imperative that every model is properly range tested,
whilst working all controls and checking all settings/mixes before the first flight each day, refer:
Range Check Procedures

Aurora A9, Spectra Pro & Optima - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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