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Winds were very choppy and I really shouldn't have flown but I was anxious to do the maiden. It got tossed around a good deal but was generally very stable and responsive to input without being overly sensitive. Gusts caught it on the first two landing approaches and I had to abort them at the very end - there was plenty of power to get me out of these tight situations and I finally caught a break and got a really nice landing.

The plane had plenty of power for nice loops from level flight. Moderate roll rate and they were not very axial. I only did a few seconds of inverted but it was stable, requiring only moderate down elevator. Stalls were gentle with no tendancy to drop a wing or go into a spin.

I'm flying it with the cheapie 2.4G Dynam tx/rx that came with my Grand Cruiser. It's a very basic radio and the Cruiser did not fly very well with it. Cruiser needs a good deal of elevator expo and careful adjustment of the throws to get it to fly smoothly. The Dynam radio has no expo so I'm now using my Spectrum equipment with the Cruiser and it flys much nicer.

I was pleased at how well the SR flew with the basic radio equipment - much better than the Cruiser did with it. I'll know more after a flight or two under better conditions but I'm pretty confident in saying that it's going to be a real sweet flyer.
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