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Originally Posted by desertstalker View Post
I dont know that there is any evidence to support the 2801 being any worse than a dx6 in terms of signal quality AFAIK it uses a similar spread spectrum technology and the radio chipsets are reported to be of good quality. There are too many variables to any wireless link for blame to fall on a TX design without a strong pattern of failures.

The only issue the 2801 has is its programming oddities (eg. resetting a model changes the stick mode on ALL of them to mode 1 and resetting a model sets all throttle directions to normal) these should be fixed but shouldn't cause crashes if you are careful when changing settings.
I agree, if anything the Walkera 2801Pro Tx appears to be one of its most reliable products. Although Martin had reported a problem with restricted range.

"About 2minutes or so into the flight, all the sudden I had no control, and the helicopter started spinning. It crashed."

This is what exactly happened to me on my second flight. Although I do not suspect my Tx was at fault and I have continued to use it since then.

The main reason why I decided to get a Trex 250 was mainly based on my experience with my V200D01 which is of a similar size, and with which I have flown over 90 packs. I am quite happy with the V200D01 but there were a few problems that I could not accept in a CP heli. One was that the bottom part of the main gear would come off in mid air leaving the shaft unconnected to the main gear. I also had an aileron servo burnt out in mid flight. More recently, the tail servo suddenly seized up in mid flight. I can just extrapolate this to what may occur with my 4F200. We really need more accounts of long term usage of Walkera products rather than just an initial review.

It seems that with many Walkera products, it is a matter of the luck of the draw whether you are going to get a lemon or not. For example, I have had a ghastly experience with my 4G6 with which I had hardly flown 10 packs after 9 months. Whereas lots of others seem to be quite happy with it. Now it seems that both earthling and I got lemons with our 4F200.
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