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Did you check the FAQ already?
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Originally Posted by Frank_fjs View Post
Thanks for the great post.

Am thinking about getting one for myself, does anyone know of a retailer who sells the deluxe edition Solo Pro (aluminium case, wall charger etc) at a good price? The cheapest I can find is $150.

Also, the Solo Pro and the Proto Max are the same thing, for all intents and purposes. Is there an equivalent of the Proto CX in another brand?

Yes, also the Nine Eagles micro coax goes by many names. Nine Eagles Solo, Merlin Tracer 60, and some others. But this is not really related to the Solo Pro...

Originally Posted by ant141110 View Post
This is the cheapest that I have found. ( I bought my first Solo pro last fri) ( hope it comes on sat, I can't wait to get this little bird in the air, and stay up on my stick time. My HK 450 and HBFP are down at the moment :-(

$99 plus shipping for the deluxe hope that helps...
Originally Posted by ant141110 View Post
sorry if this has been discussed, the threads on these things are huge! and results to searches are a little old. Update on who has stock and good prices/fast/cheap shipping would be helpful to many i'm sure. Thanks

Where is the best (cheapest and quickest to USA) for spare parts for the NE Solo pro? Don't have mine yet but i'm sure i'll need parts soon. Thank you
Originally Posted by Frank_fjs View Post
Ah, thanks ant!

That's the one I'm after, looks good.

Have you purchased from HeliPal before? Are they a reputable business? Website looks nice, they ship internationally (at reasonable prices) and I love the fact that they have a currency selector, you'd think all online businesses who ship internationally would be smart enough to incorporate one into their site.

It still comes to around $150 with EMS shipping and the currency exchange, but I think that's pretty good. The one I was looking at was on eBay, in Australia, and is $150 + $20 shipping, and the seller looks a little dodgy to be honest.

Thanks for the link, appreciate it.
I don't think the discussion where you can get the best deal for this heli at this moment is really FAQ related. Please use the general Solo Pro thread for these things, so we can keep the discussion here more technical.

Edit: added the dislocated swash plate pin to the FAQ, thanks go to rcnutt for the picture that clearly shows this condition.
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