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Originally Posted by buster7467 View Post
That sucks. Is the tx shutting off or just stops sending signal? And does the motor shut off when this happens. Or did the helis hit the ground and do the chicken dance? I hope that wow will work with you on this.
The TX is still on, I don't know if it flickers or anything cus I was watching helicopter, but it didn't when I checked it. It 'seemed' to be on and working fine. The motor did shut off on the 4F200 luckily quickily after hitting the ground, it didn't dance much... the 4G6 on the other hand, danced a bit. The blade grips were completely ripped off, flybar bent in half, main shaft most likely bent(Stay true $20 shaft... supposed to be strong... but I don't know if it will stand up to this, we'll see when I test it), canopy, and probably more I haven't found yet, those are just from looking at it quick after crash before packing it up; I haven't repaired yet.

I hope wow will just let me return for a full refund. Problem is, they will probably just think I crashed it... If they check my order history though they will see I am a loyal customer who purchases a lot from them. And I have no reason to lie about this, if I did crash it, I would just fix it. I want to return it for a refund because I don't trust this TX, and don't really want to try another one of same model.
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