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Originally Posted by earthling1984 View Post
Well... My 4F200 and 4G6 Crashed today due to a defective TX...

I recently(about a week ago) purchased a 4F200 from Wowhobbies. I received it a couple days ago, and so far have had about 3 flights on it. First couple flights went fine, they were done in my back yard. Then today I went to the indoor flying field. First flight was with the 4F200. Got it up and it flew great for about 1 or 2 minutes. About 2minutes or so into the flight, all the sudden I had no control, and the helicopter started spinning. It crashed.

Well I didn't even think about the transmitter being faulty. At first I thought the belt broke, but it hadn't... and, I had *no* control over the heli, so even if the belt broke, I would have had control of aileron/elevator controls, but none.

Anyways, I didn't think about the transmitter being faulty, I figured it had to be something wrong with the 4F200, so I packed it up and took out my 4G6... bad idea... again I used the same 2801 pro transmitter. I took off and started doing some flips and inverted flight. After about 1minute into flight, while I was hovering inverted, all the sudden, I had no control again. Helicopter wouldn't respond to anything and it flew itself inverted into the ground.

I then realized it was the transmitter...

I flew a few flights with my Dx6i and my other helicopter + some planes, and no glitches... so there wasn't a problem with this flying area, cus the DX6i worked fine, and nobody else flying had any problems either.

I contacted wowhobbies and told them I had a faulty transmitter which caused my brand new 4F200 to crash. I told them I wanted to return for a full refund. I am waiting for a reply, we'll see what they say...
That sucks. Is the tx shutting off or just stops sending signal? And does the motor shut off when this happens. Or did the helis hit the ground and do the chicken dance? I hope that wow will work with you on this.
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