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Well... My 4F200 and 4G6 Crashed today due to a defective TX...

I recently(about a week ago) purchased a 4F200 from Wowhobbies. I received it a couple days ago, and so far have had about 3 flights on it. First couple flights went fine, they were done in my back yard. Then today I went to the indoor flying field. First flight was with the 4F200. Got it up and it flew great for about 1 or 2 minutes. About 2minutes or so into the flight, all the sudden I had no control, and the helicopter started spinning. It crashed.

Well I didn't even think about the transmitter being faulty. At first I thought the belt broke, but it hadn't... and, I had *no* control over the heli, so even if the belt broke, I would have had control of aileron/elevator controls, but none.

Anyways, I didn't think about the transmitter being faulty, I figured it had to be something wrong with the 4F200, so I packed it up and took out my 4G6... bad idea... again I used the same 2801 pro transmitter. I took off and started doing some flips and inverted flight. After about 1minute into flight, while I was hovering inverted, all the sudden, I had no control again. Helicopter wouldn't respond to anything and it flew itself inverted into the ground.

I then realized it was the transmitter...

I flew a few flights with my Dx6i and my other helicopter + some planes, and no glitches... so there wasn't a problem with this flying area, cus the DX6i worked fine, and nobody else flying had any problems either.

I contacted wowhobbies and told them I had a faulty transmitter which caused my brand new 4F200 to crash. I told them I wanted to return for a full refund. I am waiting for a reply, we'll see what they say...
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