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Aurora 9 - Reassign/Swap Momentary Switch Function F & H & Replacement Switch Parts

Originally Posted by indoorheli View Post
I thought the A9 was completely free to use and select each switch to be for assigned whatever is wanted. Though what you are saying is it still could be corrected with a software update then? I am not a programmer so is that an easy update? I think that is much better than having to unsolder and resolder wires in a new TX. THough if i did could that void any warranty on the tx? I am capable of rewiring the switch as Walkera did even one worse and put t.hold on the left rear toggle and idle up on the rear right toggle The momented i changed it is the moment they would not warranty it anymore though
Q. Is it possible to simply unsolder switches F & H, move the switches, and re-solder....
A. Not recommended. If you do, then the switch assignment in the programming won't work properly in some of the mix options.

29Oct10: "You mess it up, you void the warranty. So, don't mess it up and you'll be fine! - Mike."

30Oct10: The switches are the same. One is a 2 position and the other is a momentary. "The way I have modded it for one of our pilots was to add some length of wire to the lead going to the switch and physically move the switch to the other side. You just need to remember that assignments are flip flopped for those two switches when you go to assign them to something. - Brendan Lugo"

30Oct10: Re-assign Momentary Switch Function F & H
"Bren is right that in the assignment there is a difference between the momentary and 2 pos that I was not aware of. There are multiple switch configurations in the service menu but switching F & H is not one of them.
So in order to change this without having to move swap the assignment with H on the left and F on the right we would have to have code in the service menu to accommodate this. It would probably be fine for things like throttle cut but if used for the timer is would only run the timer if held.Mike. "

Q. Could you guys list what other functions this will affect
A. "Clearly one is a momentary so it will behave differently. I.E. If you use the momentary to turn the timer on/off, you pull it once it's on, pull it again, it's off... with your set up on would be when pulled and if you let it go it will be off. This may or may not cause you any problems depending on how you use the switch. -Mike". [.jpg attached.]

Aurora A9 - Cross Trims or Re-Assign Thr<>Elev Trims

. Hitec - Switch Part Numbers - Replace Broken Switches.
Aurora 9 Switches: (First digit may vary from country to country)
70017 "Toggle Switch 2-Position (Long)" SW-B / SW-F
70018 "Toggle Switch 2-Position (Short)" SW-A / SW-D / SW-G
70019 "Toggle Switch Trainer (Long)" SW-H
70020 "Toggle Switch 3-Position (Long)" SW-C
70021 "Toggle Switch 3-Position (Short)" SW-E

Aurora A9, Spectra Pro & Optima - FAQ & Undocumented Features - Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

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