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I certainly can't give you any expert advice. I'm just about 2-3 months into the process myself. I had lots of sim time and it was tough learning for me. It took a long time to even somewhat master the sim. I highly recommend a simulator. Then when I went to the real thing, I went with 4 channel. I just did not like the way 3 channel flies, not real to me. My first plane was a used PZ wildcat. Next I actually bought a 3 channel Champ. From there is has been several more 4 channel um planes and a regular size pz t28. When I bought the Champ, it was like learning all over again from the 4 channel, so my thoughts are why learn twice, go 4 channel. One thing about the big planes compared to the ultra micro's. When you crash a bigger one something normally breaks - from minor to major. When you crash a ultra micro, things seldom break. I would hesitate to say how many planes I would have destroyed if I had not went with the ultra micro planes as they are tough little buggers especially if you fly over grass. And if your experience is anything like mine, you WILL crash. I highly recommend simulator first, ultra micro second and then move into the bigger planes.
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