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Originally Posted by DR. JOY View Post
I got ya' back on this.

I buy from ETM and have never had any problem with orders, except, there was a crease on the front of one of the boxes. They made it right by sending me a new box!

Graduate magna cum laude 2010 class of ETM shiller's science program.

I still think we need a shiller's forum. It would (or should) be the most active forum on the site. We need to put it in the foamy EDF section as maybe a sub-forum.
Come on, put some SOUL into it, like:

My life was a freaking sad mess until I took this course. My wife left me, my dog left me, my house left me. I was living in a shopping cart beneath an overpass on the outskirts of town. Had I enough strength, I would have offed myself.
But THEN I took the Easytiger Master Class In Shilling...MY LIFE WAS SAVED. Now I have a big mansion in the Hollywood Hills with a pool shaped like a dollar sign, I am breeding my own six-legged Wonder Dogs who know how to fetch me a beer, and I have a posse of creamy supermodels who love nothing more than to lick viscous yeasts out of my bellybutton.
I owe it all to Easy Tiger. God Bless Him. He is a SAINT.

Now THAT is how it's done. That's OLD SCHOOL, kids. REAL shilling. Not these amateurs poncing about these days.
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