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Originally Posted by mayday1 View Post
I've seen youtube video of people changing the blades of the mSR
and hovering them inverted.

Can the same be done on a nine-eagle/revell proto?

I would assume besides changing the blades, you'll need to somehow
adjust the transmitter so that low stick gives full throttle instead
of shutting down.

If it can be done I'm gonna get myself one for X'mas and use it
for indoor trainer!

Flipping the throttle won't be needed, you just have to make your brain understand you need to apply throttle to make the heli go down, which means moving to the ceiling in this case, since it is inverted. Just like when hovering nose in, you have to realize left is right in this orientation.

But it can't be done on the Solo Pro without some serious modding. This heli has no seperate blade grips, so you can't simply take the blades of a similar size coaxial and put them on the wrong side up. You need to make pivot points for the mixer arms, which means modifying the blades of a Solo coaxial. So it can be done, but it takes some work.
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