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Originally Posted by startazz View Post
All most mid week and still my decals haven't come yet but it might be down to all this damn snow we are getting over here,it's the same old story though every year we get it and the first few days or so this country come to a stand still just about

I can't make up my mind weather to paint my ParkZone P-51 next or my PZ BF-109 not that they need it but i think i'm getting the bug for painting now if i do it won't be this side of Christmas though.

Glad you got your 40amp ESC mate and you will wonder how you ever got along without a Watt metre as it takes all that guess work out for you motor and ESC setups plus i got a servo tester when got mine,that way i can use it to bench test my motor/ESC setups with out using my TX/RX, oh and for centring my servos of course

Servo Tester and a PROPER Lipo charger are on my NEXT TO GET list! Hope you get your decals soon, the snow can really mess things up when folks are not used to it. (In Vancouver, BC Canada they seldom see the white stuff, but when it comes the whole area pretty much comes to a STAND STILL! Quite funny to the rest of Canada as we pretty much get used to 4 or 5 months of the stuff, so its just not a big deal to us!

I am thinking HARD about a repaint on my 109 as well, it's looking a bit tired. With winter here I am basically only flying my Spitfire, my Stinson on Skis and helis, so I have a bit more time. (Not lots, as the boys play hockey so I am running them around to rinks 3 or 4 times a week, each!) I have to look for a good, original but historically authentic, paint sceme and just dive in.

I was at my LHS and they have a kit from Testors there that lets you design and print decals on your ink jet printer. After you print off you spray with a sealant and the ink won't smear, etc., then just cut, peel and place on your model! Going to pick that up as I will want to do up new decals for my Spitty and 109, and personallize my Stinson to give that bird a name.

Anyhow, can't wait till the new ESC arrives (should be any day now) then it's onto the bench, try the different props and see what works!.

VERY MUCH looking forward to pics or your Spitty Ian, let me know when it's up and running! Stay warm!

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