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Originally Posted by skyrock View Post
Because the telemetry goes quite a lot to the money (have 15 models) I actually planned optimizing the costs for it a little.

Up to now I have bought two full telemetry sets. Only one is implemented so far in my trainer for test purposes.

For cost minimization the sensor station HTS-SS and the GPS are mounted on a small board for a quick change from model to model

I would have the following wishes and remarks concerning the telemetry.

1. The plugs of the sensor cables are only very difficult to reach and to remove again from the HTS-SS. ( to plug them in is no problem!) This complicates a quick change of the station together with the GPS from plane to plane. Is this Hitecís intention ???

2. If one unplugs the sensors from the sensor station by pulling them out of the HTS-SS by pulling on the cables this will destroy this sensitive connection very soon when often changing the HTS-SS and the GPS from plane to plane.

3. The cables and plugs for the telemetry data, power supply and GPS and can remain on my HTS-SS board when changing it from plane to plane

4. For the connection of the latter I use short extension-or Y cables in the Optima receivers.

5. At least for the 3 wire cables of the RPM sensors Hitec should market an extension cable. Otherwise one cannot position the sensor station with rationale especially in larger planes. Up to now I have solved this problem by soldering a piece thin servo-cable in between.

6. Same applies for 2 wire cables of the temperature sensors. If we want to measure, e.g., engine temperature, controller temperature, battery temperature and receiver temperature, we cant position the sensor station in larger planes without extension cables.

Although Hitec advises in its new operating instructions for the telemetry one should first built the sensors in the model (a good advice!!) before placing the HTS-SS, it happens that you then will find no reasonable position for the sensor station without extending the sensor cables. Hence in my opinion, extension cables for the sensors make sense.
If Hitec then would equip the sensors and extension cables with plugs, which one can unplug more easily from the HTS-SS, this would be a significant improvement when implementing Hitecís telemetry in our models.

And it could save us some costs for the telemetry

Agreed. The stock length of the RPM leads are supposed to be longer on the next batch but extensions are needed in many cases although this should help. Temp leads can become inaccurate (I've been told) if they get much longer but I don't know to what extent. There is an extension offered here that would work with the RPM sensors for now:

Thanks for the input.

Originally Posted by Diggs View Post

I saw through one of the vendors or RC Mags on Facebook that Hitec is about to release Optima 3 packs for the 6,7 and 9 which will include a bulk discount. I haven't been able to find pricing on this option or anyone carrying it as of yet, but I was happy to see this since I tend to buy multiples at a good price when I find a deal.

Triple packs of Optima 7's just started shipping with the 6's and 9's to follow late Dec.

Info as follows:

Part#29431 Optima 6 Triple pack: $126.99
Part#29432 Optima 7 Triple pack: $177.99
Part#29433 Optima 9 Triple pack: $254.99

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