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As a kit producer, it's following the market demands and their tastes which drives it, so it's really back into the hobbiests hands. If there is more interest in any area, even if it has zero merit unto a direction to go, if anything, just a change of pace or visuals, then this is what gets produced. A couple of years ago, it seemed people were more interested in this or that particular model, so they talked about them. The kit mfg's have to guess as to where their tastes will lean towards in the future, so they have to wait and see, and be prepared to react quickly, or they pioneer their own stuff and hope it sells.

It's a viscious loop when it comes down to it, but that's the reality of it all. What I see in kit manufacturing, volume wise is one thing poor, what's worse is the lack of diversity, we are so very limited, not a whole lot to choose from, and I'm really not wanting to build "yet again" another Guillow's kits, I've done plenty, time to move on folks.

I enjoy the scratch building process, if anything, so that I can create exactly what I want, not wait for the market to catch up or what ever. If I want a faster bash, I'd like access to quality, lazer cut out kits with clear written instructions. Why is this so hard to ask? The kits need to be park flyer size or larger, not scaled back so much, you have to really struggle to find the appropriate gear for it, can't just toss in what you typically have on hand.

I'm at a loss here as to why, when I walk into the LHS and see many thousand K in plastic models, crafts, etc. it totally increases the volume of cash they have tied into it, doing nothing, especially when those shelves could be covered with kits, materials, parts, ect. Even many of these store owners simply are not being focused enough about what they stock, if something does not sell, move it and replace it with something that will.

So, we typically walk in, see a stack of boxes, thrown together RTF's, massively overpriced gear, and are told that we should frequent the places more often... We are paying more because these guys don't know how to properly fine tune their businesses. That's the bottom line here, and the ones that give you the "Franchise won't let us do it" excuse, mention to them that if they started another LHS without the franchise umbrella, and listen and put into play what us rc guys need there, then you would continue to be a loyal customer of his even if the spot wasn't as convenient for you to get to.

We have options here folks, and I had to point out some things we keep overlooking. If we want to make this work, we have to all speak up, you know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease type of thing. This is what's needed here.
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