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Originally Posted by mike early View Post
the eflite 10-15 are 3mm
the eflite 15-25 are 3.5mm
the eflite 60 are 5mm
I dunno the strut size for the 25-46 size

I have the 10-15 in a smaller plane and the 15-25 size eflites were in this plane and have used them in this plane with success except for 1 poor landing. They fixed them and I flew it successfully again.

But, after receiving the new 54g retracts and struts I had to install them. I needed to remove a little wood from the mounting rails because the 54g retracts are a little wider and the struts are a little long for my Robart 2.75" wheels but if anything, it moves the gear to a more scale-like position (inward) but only a couple millimeters.

I have cycled them many times but have not flown it yet. Man, they look good and instill confidence.

Keep watching Hobbyking and Hobbypartz for the 54g retracts. They sell like hotcakes, and now I know why.

Thanks for the info. I may just end up getting the e-flight .60's. I read the other thread about comparing the e-flights over the HK's. It seems the e-flights do have some improvements over the HK's.... Perhaps not worth the extra amount HH charges for them though...

I plan to drop these into the CMP .50 Spitfire. I believe you have this same setup in your CMP setup.

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