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Originally Posted by RetoF3X View Post
Last flights we flew interlaced, condition were varying in the morning and got flater towards the evening. I did not list all the cuts we flew, there were tons of it (sometimes also problems with base B). Mike had a 17.8s with a cut, I had a 18.xs with a cut, both PBs in cutting. Don't remember if the 19.8s was a cut.
Yes, the 19.8 was a cut. The 17.8 was a 265m launch. The uphill to base B with a side hill valley in between and the windsock in the middle of the course took a while to get used to. Plus the extra overload of only two people to launch and wind down winches and get over to base A without tripping over the winch that was close to the sight. Not enough time to get ready and properly prepare to fly a speed run. And hoping newly trained guys push the buttons correctly. I did add a little nose weight later on and adjusted rates on elevator some.

Air got worse later and it started to cool down.

I did fly some flights just above the wing loading of a Freestyler full of the stock ballast. For you F3j guys, I was flying the thing in no wind at a 20.5 oz/ft2 wing loading. Best launch at that weight was 252m

The 15.55 was a 269m launch, 19.15 wing loading or about 87% for the freestyler guys.

The initial unballasted launch may have been 284m or that could have been some lift later in the flight.

The 289m launch was some distance flying. Nice air, I counted 34 laps in 4 minutes.

Now I need to find a day with wind (and not real cold). I want to see what it does when I have it filled up with ballast at 3750g
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