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Originally Posted by Helitime View Post
Robbie: You are more comfortable with a heli than I am. Although I can do tic/tocs up, down and sideways, fly inverted backwards and forwards, flips all dir., funnels skids in/out, I hate nose in. Inverted it doesn't matter(?). I will hover nose in at a distance, but flying back towards myself is just not done, I have to back it in. WEIRD, I KNOW! And simulator practice dosen't seem to reduce the nerves. I have to work on it!!
I need to buy a cheap non c/p and just fly the thing around.

The bigger they are the more stable for sure, and LOTS more power. I started with a "Blade CP" and no sim. a 6'X8' space surronded by hanging blankets/towels etc. in the basement was my training (hovering) area. It kept the damage to a minimum :-)
FCO/II on the forhead strap ? I have done a few that way :-) Never gets out of frame at least.

I guess I better mention the glider. I have installed a Turnigy 2836 1000KV, about 400 watts. I don't expect vert. performance but should be plenty. I have the same motor in another plane and it pulls about 36>38 AMPS so a new speed control will be required. (peaks at a little over 40 AMPS)
Not so weird at all. I know a few other guys that I've flown with that have the same issues with nose in even though they easily do the 3D manuevers you describe. Oh well, we all learn at our own pace and that's the fun really. If you can hover the Blade CP, you're not doing bad at all! That's one of the most difficult of the small ones to fly!

400W will be plenty of power for wind flying! I didn't dare do any aerobatics today with the wind and the wing flexing but it probably would have been fine. With the increased throws, this glider will be very aerobatic for sure!

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