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FOSA vs FS3, here we go

Mike and I did a day of comparison and we got some data. Draw any conclusion you want (Mike and I agree to draw no conclusion out of it):

I have only the launch heights in the earlier morning when we flew distance (after that, my Zlog died). Only weak wind, with more and more thermal activity:

Plane; height; ballast (equal wing loading); line diameter

FS3:269m 0% 1.22mm

FS3:250m 50% 1.12mm

Fosa:234m, 50%, 1.12mm

FS 3, 257m 50% 1.22mm

Fosa: 273m, 50%, 1.15mm

FS3: 289m, 70%, 1.12mm

Fosa: 269m, 70%, 1.12mm

FS3: 201m, 70%, 1.22mm

Fosa: 289m, 70%, 1.12mm

FS3: 257m, 70%, 1.12mm

Fosa: 272m, 70%, 1.12mm

Speed runs in the afternoon:


19.8s (cut)

FS3 17.21s

Last flights we flew interlaced, condition were varying in the morning and got flater towards the evening. I did not list all the cuts we flew, there were tons of it (sometimes also problems with base B). Mike had a 17.8s with a cut, I had a 18.xs with a cut, both PBs in cutting. Don't remember if the 19.8s was a cut.

Mike has Fosa launch data for his speed runs, where he flew heavier than in distance. I unfortunately don't have mine for the FS3.

Mike was already flying very well with his new plane and the Fosa left a good impression.

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