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Robbie: You are more comfortable with a heli than I am. Although I can do tic/tocs up, down and sideways, fly inverted backwards and forwards, flips all dir., funnels skids in/out, I hate nose in. Inverted it doesn't matter(?). I will hover nose in at a distance, but flying back towards myself is just not done, I have to back it in. WEIRD, I KNOW! And simulator practice dosen't seem to reduce the nerves. I have to work on it!!
I need to buy a cheap non c/p and just fly the thing around.

The bigger they are the more stable for sure, and LOTS more power. I started with a "Blade CP" and no sim. a 6'X8' space surronded by hanging blankets/towels etc. in the basement was my training (hovering) area. It kept the damage to a minimum :-)
FCO/II on the forhead strap ? I have done a few that way :-) Never gets out of frame at least.

I guess I better mention the glider. I have installed a Turnigy 2836 1000KV, about 400 watts. I don't expect vert. performance but should be plenty. I have the same motor in another plane and it pulls about 36>38 AMPS so a new speed control will be required. (peaks at a little over 40 AMPS)
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