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I did the maiden flight this morning. She flew great! Plenty of aileron throw with the servos done in the traditional way near the aileron surfaces, rudder throw with the servo near the rudder, and elevator left stock and powered with an E-Flite power 15 motor and 3s1p 2200mah Turnigy battery. It was windy with 15mph winds as well. With the CG at the recommended 40mm from the leading edge near the root no trimming was necessary at all as she handled well both during powered flight and while gliding. This glider was also much easier to fly than my ASW 28 and the stall speed is a bit lower so coming in for a landing was a piece of cake. I managed to land her perfectly on 2 wheels and everyone clapped at the local flying field. Nobody else was flying due to the breeze and the cold. I think they thought I was crazy for attempting a maiden flight today.. LOL I only stayed up about 15 minutes as my hands were beginning to freeze in the 38F temperature even though the sun was out bright. This bird will thermal quite well and there's no reason 1/2 hour flights can't be the norm in less hostile conditions.

I could notice a lot of wing flexing while heading into the strong breeze at around 500FT but the wings didn't start to work their way off of the joining rod meaning that the 2 screws per wing secured the wings nicely. That said, this bird flies so well that I think I'm going to invest in a solid carbon fiber rod for it to take most if not all of the noticeable flex out. The OD of the rod is .395" by my digital calipers.

My busty pilot was probably a lot colder than I was with that skimpy sting bikini top..

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