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At some point, many pages back in this thread, I came to the conclusion that model airplane building is alive and well. If I could change the title of the thread to "How to Promote Model Building", I would! It seems as though since that point in time, I have had to reiterate that I think building is doing fine every couple of pages. Here it is again!

Many of you espouse that building in foam is popular! So, lets have some of you foamy guys do a build thread on a quick building foam airplane right here! This isn't the first time I've asked for this to happen, either. As Pinecone has stated above, let's be inclusive of modifying ARFs! Got a project your working on, talk about it; or, post some photos of it here!

There will always be biases! I have them! Since I started working with Balsa in the 1950s, when I think about building, I gravitate towards balsa, spruce and plywood! I have no interest in changing and don't need people to suggest that I do, as this is my hobby and it's about what I want to do with the small amount of free time I have available! This doesn't mean I have never had a foam airplane, to the contrary I've had many!

We need to stop trying to suggest to people they need to do anything different than what they want to do, with their hobby! That is a stupid endeavor!
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