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Corrections Needed for Horizon Hobby "Radian Pro DX7/7se Setup" Instructions

Corrections to original "Radian Pro DX7/7se Setup" instructions

Horizon Hobby posted instructions for how to program the DX7 transmitter to enable crow, reflex, camber and flaps on the Parkzone Radian Pro. This requires a 6 channel or better receiver, such as the AR600 in the BNF version, AR6200, AR7000, etc.

The Horizon Hobby instructions are posted here:


Check Aileron Connections at the receiver!

See "Aileron Connections Required for Proper Operation" at the bottom of this posting before proceeding! DO NOT ASSUME IT IS CORRECT! Many owners have had problems after making this assumption!

Step 1, Setting up Aileron for CROW

"Set the 1 position to 80%"
should read
"Set the 1 position to -80%"

note that the minus sign was omitted in the original instructions.

Step 2, Setting up Flaps for Camber and Reflex
- contributed by "padair"
"On the rate, set position 0 to -50%
On the rate, set position 1 to -50%"
should read
"On the rate, set position 0 to +50%*
On the rate, set position 1 to +50%*"
*Various proposed values have been discussed for this setting, ranging from +40 to +125 for these values. It appears the Horizon article's author likely intended a value of +50. Paul and I have found that a value of +125 works better for our Radians.

For now, my suggestion is to adjust to rate position values in the range of +50 to +125 to find what works best for your Radian Pro. Note that very little reflex and camber are required for typical sailplane use, so easy does it is good for most situations. See following messages 938 and 948-952 for more thoughts on the use and settings of camber.

This fix does get ailerons and flaps moving in the same direction when Reflex or Camber is enabled using the 3-position flap switch on the DX7. The fix may not get the flaps extending the same distance as the ailerons though. This should not be critical for most users.

Step 3, Setting up Flaps

"Select AUX 2 -> FLAP"
should read
"Select AUX 2 -> GEAR"

This is the error Gary originally found.

Summary of DX7 Controls after Programming for Flaps, Reflex, Camber and Crow

The programming supplied in the instructions uses the following DX7 controls to implement crow, reflex, camber and normal flap use:

AUX 2 switch - Controls Flaps
0 - No flaps
1 - Full flaps

Flap switch - Controls Reflex and Camber
0 - Reflex, ailerons up slightly
1 - Normal Ailerons
2 - Camber, ailerons down slightly

Gear switch - Controls Crow
0 - normal, no Crow
1 - Crow, the Speed Brakes are ON!

Aileron Connections Required for Proper Operation

*Note: If you purchased the BNF version, or working on your own, make certain the ailerons are configured this way:

1. Remove the Y connector used for the ailerons.
2. The right aileron plugs into the ALE receiver connector
3. The left aileron plugs into the AUX1 receiver connector

This configuration allows independent control required for each aileron to work with reflex and camber.
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