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Thanks, Chuck.

M1 - You're correct. BYF is another one I would not get for the same reason, and besides, there's so little real content in it (it's mostly recycled MAN stuff it seems) that I don't even waste my time with it. RCM was pretty bad. The car mags are totally off-the-wall.

But I think this is one pertinent angle to the topic. We must admit that The Builders will be a small percentage of The Hobbyists. Model Building hasn't gone away by any means. I've said this several times. It has changed, but change is constantly present. 60+ years ago there was a similar debate about changing from bamboo to balsa, now it's balsa to foam.

Rather than turning off people to the hobby, we need to recruit them. I have to believe I'm not the only one who doesn't want trashy-covered magazines in their mailbox. Why not promote model aircraft (instead of model females) on the covers? If we can bring 10 people into the hobby and only 2 of them are "real modelers", we've still gained 2 more people who will buy the products WE want to see advertised in magazines.

Another thing - I've never met a magazine editor who wasn't almost BEGGING for construction projects. WE CAN HELP! Take those ideas you've had and submit them to magazines. I'm sure up in northern MN you have plenty of building season (my wife's parents used to live above Mille Lac, I've heard the stories). Your plans don't have to be publication-quality. You'll make more money if they are, but they have artists who take your sketches and turn them into works of art.

Plus, your hobby becomes an income source then, and you can start writing part of it off on your taxes.

SO in summary:

1) Clean up the covers so that men and women don't mind introducing the magazines to their boys AND GIRLS (why give up 50% of the potential market?), and so wives don't mind husbands looking at them, and husbands/fathers don't mind either.

2) Submit construction articles to magazines, encouraging editors to print more and more of them

3) Recognize that "model building" is always changing, and embrace that change.

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