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Originally Posted by headlessagain View Post
Nice looking plane. Should give the local bird population a fright
If Google Earth is correct, I reckon you live near Madangog seashore,Calape on Pangangan Island, Bohol. Right? Looks a beautiful place.
No rain today, just light snow showers! Time to copy Viking and make some ply ski's for my Little Stick
p.s how's the humidity?
Humidity is 50%+ but not so bad. I am on the beach so it's a bit more than if we were up in the mountains. We like it here and the heat and humidity is probably good for the arthritis. Not sure I could handle the cold too well any more. I spent 2 winters in Great Falls, Montana back in the early '60s but I was a bit younger then. I was in Houston for about 18 years from '66 to the early '80s and the humidity here seems lighter than on the Gulf Coast. I think Fred has it pretty cold there in Nebraska about this time of year.

Do any of you currently have a Taube or any WWI birds flying?


Edit: 11/28/10 6pm
The "Taubenator" is ready for maiden. Monday morning if weather permits. Somehow I manged to burn out an ESC testing the motor but I have more. BP21 on 3s with a 7x6 SF prop. Same as the other but no LG for this one. The landing area is too small for comfort. Under 18oz and about 6.5oz/sq ft.
We'll see how it works with a Vee-Tail!
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