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I was just sharing my opinion, and wht has worked fo me, but there are many ways to skin a cat. I live west of BR by a couple hours. I' currently stuck in Florida supporting the swamp phase for the Army Rangers.

You arent looking for everything to be nuetral, you should have a bit of aft, and left tilt. Also make sure that full forward stick doesn't go more than a degree or two beyond level. The first flight is always a bit exciting becauseyou will have your hands full flying and trimming. When Possible I always do small hops and adjustments. Since you are hand launching you don't have that option. I would get help for the launch, and make sure the launch helper understands how to release the model. With practice, when you get over the feeling that it won't fly when you let it go, you'll toss it into the air without regard.

Good luck man, don't forget to get video!
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