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been away for a few days..

hi guys, been offline for a while (but still flying!!).

I've closed the other thread. thanks all for your comments!!

Heli (i think), yes, my motors i bought were waaaaay off (post was quite some time ago - page 4 i think). looks like i have a few idle bell motors sitting in the cupboard waiting for a new machine! my motor has actually worked itself out - turned out to be a wire problem. one wire was touching another in the wind. just needed to separate.

i'm flying it every weekend now and lovin it!! using 1.3 3s and its very well balanced and ample power for gliding. still haven't put a new swing mech in for the rudder.. but i always was a bad user of rudder. even on the real thing when i used to fly them out of cambden airport. i was lucky enough to do aerobatics in a dg1000 once (although i wasn't allowed to pilot it because i was still learning ;-(.

hey - anyone sloped this yet? i must admit, i'd like to slope her, but i'm very very nervous about landing her. she just doesn't want to come down!! (although i suppose a good updraft on a hill will slow her) most times i feel like i could set her on approach, go grab a coffee and come back 20 minutes later for the flare!

someone pointed out the stock engine and i've had a few on back order for a week or so. hopefully it doesn't take too long, although now my issues are resolved.

hey thanks Patrick for the fuse open shots. thats certainly given me food for thought.

Heil/Bird - i presume by now you have manged a flight or 8?? hopefully yes! i'm sure once you did your mods you loved it!

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