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The evolution of my 250s

I just want to share my experience with my 250s, ever since I began with it in this hobby. I started off @ 3000HS, and now it has since developed into 4500(red 250)/5500(yellow 250)/5760(white 250). I've modified the plastic blades, and in doing so, it seems I have changed the way it performs, and the inertia of the heli. It's a little bit heavier, but it sure has improved in the way it flies. I can now feel the difference between the 5700+ HS compared to 4500HS. It now feels like the 4500HS is a bit mushy (my flight times has been cut down, my lipos turnigy/zippy lipos are just not cutting it any more, I'll need some hyperion lipos). My moves are now more crisp, been trying to practice inverted autos, I believe I am getting there. Well my new 250(EP250) cost just under $100 for the complete heli including electronics( I bought the kit on ebay). The more i build these little things the cheaper they become. Any case I'm using e-sky cyclic servos, the tail is a fusonic tail that was sitting around. AUFW including lipo 330grams. Still too heavy. i will trim the wires hopefully that will cut down on the weight. As you can see I painted my tail blades, my paddles, etc. Since I dont have the internet, I'm hardly on here much. Oh don't try these crazy headspeeds, you would need to do some mods in order to sustain it. The good news, I figured out that slight bounce on my yelllow 250, the pushrod wasn't under 5mm from the center of the servo. I thought I did, guess not. anyways atleast they are both flyin smoothly. I will put on the lighter EP200 paddles, in a later date. With the EP200 paddles, my birds just goes ballistic. Anyways, I love these birds, they are getting lighter and better everytime I build one. Thank you.

Keep Flyin!

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