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Originally Posted by clicky View Post
Ability to charge them at higher rates, better discharge rate and generally less prone to puffing over time (this last one is pure speculation from my side) is the reason. But - that's just my view I found Flightmax (20C) batteries losing their original power after 20 cycles, while nanotech are still holding and I have them around just that number of cycles...
20C might be too little for a fairly heavy bird perhaps that's what did them in? My last lot of Flightmax lasted 60 flights (on a B400) before they were delivering noticeably less power towards the end of the pack. At this point I switched them be fixed wing packs where the power demands were lower.

Originally Posted by clicky View Post
True - if you have cheap blades to take all the power - fine. In my time I went for strengthening everything and ended up with main shaft/main gear (and a link or two) to be the weakest parts. But that was on MT...
Yes ultimately there has to be a fuse somewhere.

Originally Posted by clicky View Post
Don't know. I'm talking from perspective of beginner switching from original MT (OBL) motor to Scorpion and how night and day it sounded. It gave me far more confidence knowing that it won't be easily bogged when trying to wrestle it off gravity and inevitable. And it worked - it managed to save my day more than once. And it is, so far see as, one of the best value for money motor...
We'll go through a good few packs before he gets into a situation where a save with full collective will be required so I might start him with the cheaper motor so he can get a good taste for the hobby without spending a fortune.

Reading the reviews the motor listed doesn't seem lacking in power?

Thanks for the advice clicky.

Originally Posted by 126jp View Post
Little vid I was presented w/ after flying w/ a couple of buddies. Kept the heli somewhat closer than usual for cinematographyís sake. Donít usually fly that close; donít wanna lose anything else, know what I mean?

Iíve managed to develop fairly good control in all upright orientations, working now on upright backwards circuits, and inverted circuits. All in good time.
Inspirational flying Jules. You have that little bird doing exactly what you want it to, smooth and precise. I really enjoyed watching that vid.

On a completely different note.... Your camera man is great "do that again... it was so fast I didn't get it...[pause]...I don't even know what you did....[you do another nice tight loop/flip]..............holy cow look at that."

Take it easy all.
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