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Originally Posted by 126jp View Post
Hey, you bunch of lunatics!

Little vid I was presented w/ after flying w/ a couple of buddies. Kept the heli somewhat closer than usual for cinematographyís sake. Donít usually fly that close; donít wanna lose anything else, know what I mean?

Iíve managed to develop fairly good control in all upright orientations, working now on upright backwards circuits, and inverted circuits. All in good time.

The HK450 is completely stock except for the 500 landing gear, which will come off this week in favor of the original undercarriage. Those tall, wide skids sure were confidence builders and kept the t-rotor nice and high. But now that I can keep the blade tips and the tail out of the dirt, theyíre a little heavy to lug around. What a sweet flying chopper. Of course, being a nubee, all I have to compare it with is my Axe 400. The Axe is the second heli on the vid. I continue to fly it because itís twitchy and keeps me on my. . .yeah, you know. Besides, itís the one with which I learned to fly, has been wrecked more than twenty times, and it just wouldnít be right, now that I donít crash so often (31 consecutive flights, no fatalities), not to fly it until itís just plumb worn out.

Sp00fman, how do you like my Tx-gloves? My mom in law made them for me. Toasty!

Would someone please figure the head speed on both choppers for me using that tach software? I sure would appreciate it.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for the great info packed into this thread.


RC Helo Flying.wmv (5 min 20 sec)
I wish i had a woman that would build and fix my planes and helis for me,,i wouldnt mind crashing then,,,very nice flying dude,,good to see you stuck at it,landing must be tricky though,i have been doing backwards turns and they are just hit and miss for me,perfect one time and totall washout the next
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