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Originally Posted by birdofplay View Post
It's 8:30 AM here just now !

Time is the problem. Patience is next.
I have been know to do a CAD design and never build the model.
Why ? because I've gotten it OUT of my System by the time I'm done in CAD.

The CH 750 will get finished but with this weather I'll have lost interest by the time
the weather improves enough to fly it. sigh ...
I Might try it in a local gym this winter.
A Large Slow Indoor flyer might work to pass the dark times, eh :-)

Nope - no QckS info here either :-( sorry.

Dont ever stop With the Good Ideas !!!
Thats what it's all about , isnt it ?
Beating, Conquering, Besting some goal that we've set for ourselves.
Then moving on to the next challenge.
Kidding about the tips. I am fairly new to posting on these threads but I have been reading and benifitting from them for a number of years. So now I feel I have to try to help. There are probably many many more reading here than posting.
Funny thing, You asked me a Q about helis and I posted my only vid. (youtube) along with my answer. It had about 30 something views, it's now at 160 views so there must be a bunch just reading.
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