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Originally Posted by Avaldes View Post
Ok, so looking at my Radical's, the wing area is 59.1 dm^2 or 916 in^2. With the stock brass ballast (all I have currently) I can fly at a maximum weight of 3.8 kg, or 8.38 lbs. This gives a max wing loading of 21.14 oz/sq ft. Wow, I didn't realize it was that high. The FS3 guys better check that their tungsten configurations aren't over the 24 oz/sq ft limit!
Projected area....but all tungsten in a FS3 might be an issue.

Anyway, stock brass ballast in models is always too light for when the wind is really up. But alternatives are either socially unacceptable, handling lead, or pretty expensive except for those dedicated contest pilots, tungsten.

A Freestyler at 120% of stock ballast is about 21.7. Never had an issue with that weight. I don't know of anyone who has flown one with full tungsten everywhere. I can only put in a mix of tungsten and lead in mine.

I have launched my Ceres Lift with full lead ballast. There are 6 slugs per side. That is at 24.25 loading. The airfoil on the Lift is great at launching weight.
With the wind up on Saturday at team selections, I flew the Cyril with full lead in the wing and 6 pieces of brass in the fuse. A little over 62 ounces of ballast. So that's over 22 if you figure just wing area of 899.
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