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Originally Posted by tedwearsahat View Post
I've not been overly impressed with the nano techs compared to the Flightmax. I'm not sure the extra oomph is worth the extra weight. II'm a weight fiend though, I am actually planning on trying higher discharge but lower mah batteries on my B400, 1800 40C or something of the like.
Ability to charge them at higher rates, better discharge rate and generally less prone to puffing over time (this last one is pure speculation from my side) is the reason. But - that's just my view I found Flightmax (20C) batteries losing their original power after 20 cycles, while nanotech are still holding and I have them around just that number of cycles...

Originally Posted by tedwearsahat View Post
Regarding CF blades, I personally think a learner pilot doesn't need robust blades they need something that will act as fuse when the inevitable unscheduled ground to heli meeting happens.

When I put CF blades on my bird I started damaging blade grips. Though having said that when I put CF blades on I was at a stage where my crashing had become inevitably more spectacular.
True - if you have cheap blades to take all the power - fine. In my time I went for strengthening everything and ended up with main shaft/main gear (and a link or two) to be the weakest parts. But that was on MT...

Originally Posted by tedwearsahat View Post
Do you think a Scorpion is worth the extra cash for a guy totally new to CP helis? Seems like overkill on a 35 USD airframe?
Don't know. I'm talking from perspective of beginner switching from original MT (OBL) motor to Scorpion and how night and day it sounded. It gave me far more confidence knowing that it won't be easily bogged when trying to wrestle it off gravity and inevitable. And it worked - it managed to save my day more than once. And it is, so far see as, one of the best value for money motor...

Good servos, powerful motor and ESC that can handle it and good tail servo/gyro combination are always worth - no matter what frame you're putting it to. Power to save you from crazy situations (you don't want to crash because you were bad at collective and it started heading to the earth and you can make motor to pull it out of it), servos to survive crashes and sustain torque needed for head (today most servos can do it relatively easily - before it was bad idea going with 'cheap' hs55 servos instead of 65mg...) and tail combination to keep the tail in right place when you suddenly bog it...

That's how I see it... It worked for me so far!
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