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Well .... , pretty close ! :-)

But I like what you're doing.

Since the elevator is merely thin Foam, I'd like to see a bit more surface engagement.
Otherwise we'll end up wolering out the hole(s) and get a sloppy elevator
or even worse Fluttering parts.

Those Horns that use a ratcheting piece on the opposite side look kinda good.
Thing is ... the unracheting :-(

I'm with you on leaving the "horn" attached to the rod.

Maybe the Ratchet could be smoothed down yet simply held in place with another
Snap/Pin/key thingy.

Or we could glue a plates with holes into the elevator to handle the wear and tear.
Then put that tight fitting pin in place with a snap/key/spring whatever.

I'm just throwing out ideas ...

I'm not much help here as I'm still deep into that Zenair CH750 project.

And at 7 pm it's already only 20 deg F !
It's NOT supposed to be like this as close as I am to the Coast ! :-(

Totally out of character for this area !!!

burrrrr !
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