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Hey guys, I am wanting to get into the gliding market. I have been goofing off with my HK Mini swift and it has been a lot of fun. I own several UM planes and a couple of fp helicopters. I am very comfortable with ailerons and flying so that is not an issue for me. We dont have good sloping areas around here, where I fly at, we usually end up having 3-10mph winds so I have had to learn how to fly these little UM planes in wind and frankly they aren't really "fun" in the wind.

So I am looking at wanting a bigger plane and I want it to be a glider. I was at first looking at the radian but the pro came out and I am a big fan of ailerons, so i guess the question is, those that have had both, how would you compare the two? Second, which do you think would be better for the area I am flying in. Plenty of space for either one, Usually windy (3-10mph) and the wind does shift directions a lot.

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