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The model will take a little bit of flying to get used to. And for those flying against it, you are out of luck in how it looks visually. Almost every other current F3b model looks almost the same at a distance in the air. The Fosa truely looks different with the high aspect ratio wing. It is almost starting to look like a real sailplane....

There are too many different things a F3b model has to do well to say any one design will be the best. But as everyone has seen with the Freestyler which looked kind of small and low aspect ratio, but performs well. I think the Fosa shows it's possible to go the high aspect ratio route too. But it is more of a challenge in construction.

In the past few years, I have flown a Ceres F3b, Tool, Ceres Lift, Tanga, Freestyler, Shooter, Cyril, and now Fosa. They are all a little different and may be better or worse for different pilots. And have different prices and levels of availability.

For tight radio installs, at the top is the Fosa and Radical. After that the Freestyler, then Cyril. Shooter, Tanga, and Ceres variations are spacious in comparison although the Tanga ballast tube installation requires careful planning.

I do like the fuse ballast in the Fosa and Cyril for contests. You can load the wing to what you think you need then put some extra in the fuse and quickly drop it if conditions look marginal.
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