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Originally Posted by init4fun
Ya know , , , , , I hate to sound intolerant , , BUT , We , as a species , will be FAR better off if we just abolish the Muslim menace . Any Barbarian who thinks mutilation is an appropriate resopnse to theft has NO business making ANY decisions in a modern world .

Its Time to eliminate the Muslim menace once and for all - they and theyre perverted views .

I would loose not one wink of sleep if every Muslim text were to find its way to where it belongs , as schredded scraps of paper to line Parrot's cages with !

Now , do you REALLY want to know how I feel about the Muslim menace ?
I use the word menace , because calling it a religion does a disservice to religions everywhere
No where near being a Muslim apologist, but I seem to remember a fella a few years back said the same thing about Jews...cost upwards of 30 million lives to stop him.

I'm just sayin'...
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