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Originally Posted by soundpod View Post
Talking of servos, one of my flap servos "sings" (Not chatter) until i give it a light tap to allow it to centre properly. I'm guessing this is a digital servo, i haven't looked under the lid to confirm this, but the flap servos seem to be programmed to move slower when flaps are activated.
Has anyone else experienced "singing servos" and is it something to worry about?
I'll look into loosening up the flaps and make sure nothing is sticking to allow it to centre properly, but it doesn't seem like anything obvious...
The servos used in the new Radian Pro are the same ones used in the T-28. The servos often sing in the T-28's, so I expect it may be common in the Radian Pro. You can jostle the stick on the transmitter controls to recenter a singing servo, and as you describe, the singing stops.

I do not worry about the singing servos after 3 years and almost 500 flights with my T-28. In the third year one aileron servo did fail in flight, requiring a replacement body. I also recently found the rudder servo began chattering intermittently in a pre-flight check and replaced it before it caused any problems.

I did find that working the control surfaces loosens them up and reduces the amount of singing by the servos, but the servos still sing intermittently on the T-28.

My T-28 using the same servos as the Radian Pro has proven to be extremely rugged and durable in 3 years of demanding use. I see no reason why my Radian Pro using the same servos will not be as rugged as well.

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