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Originally Posted by ENGINETORQUE View Post
If you'll go the other 50% and remove 'the Christian menace' then I'm with you all the way brother
The complete and total removal of ALL faith based laws ? Sure ! Im for that 100%

I really hate to insult ANYONE's beleifs , but when those beleifs begin to produce people with their hands chopped off or 45 year old women hanged just because she wont kiss Allah's butt , that when religion has gone TOO far and needs to be eliminated . We should live by constitutional law only , and NO execptions . If people want to beleive in God , Allah , or little green men from mars thats fine with me - just so long as they do it in their oun house , and dont try to force it into mine .

Hopefully , as time goes on , people wont need ANY Gods to bow down to , and will come to realize the WE ARE the top species around here !!!!!
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