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Hey Bob, I'd appreciate it if you didn't use that language. Not the frekin, the "s" word that follows. Thanks :-)

OK I got it sorted out, I was thinking there were threads below the saddle (duh). Alright, so I need to put some there or there's no adjustment. Turned out to be simple, just thread a nut down the bolt first. Finish the top of the bolt by grinding smooth, rounding the tip and drilling through near the top. Now shove the bolt (with the nut threaded right down to the head) up through the fuse into the stab. area. Put the stab. in place, washer and pin it. Then use the clevis pin to thread the retaining pin down till tight. Try removing and replacing the pin, if it's all good put some epoxy in the hole in the bottom of the fuse. to lock the nut and bolt (retaining pin) in place.
Mine is done except for attaching the horn and confirming the "Z" bend can be used easily. Otherwise I will add a "clevis? (I put one in a pic. earlier, post #70") to the control wire (solder on).

There are probably lots of ways to mod/improve the above but it works at least. (This time I did it to make sure ) Oops still have to put the epoxy up it's hole
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