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Aurora 9 - Cross Trims or Re-Assign Thr<>Elev Trims, Throttle Stick Rev & Sub Trims

Originally Posted by phamiltonsmith View Post
Hi Alan
Thanks, but you lost me...
1- Cross trims:
I fly Mode 2 and will continue to do so. I do not wish to change my mode.
I would like however, to cross or swap my elevator trim to the left side where the throttle trim goes and throttle to the elevator.
Doing this allows you to trim the elevator in a flying plane without having to let go of the stick...
Futaba allows you to map any trim to any trim lever regardless of the mode...
2- Copy flight condition
I understand i can copy one existing model onto a new one. What i want to do is copy a flight condition within a model,
to a NEW condition. This is extremely useful when you are programing flight conditions to ensure new conditions are identical.
In the Futaba WC2 you can copy and paste any flight condition from any model onto a new condition...
Again very handy so you dont have to start from scratch...Later Paul
1. "Cross Trims" would read here as re-assign trims or mix trims.
Unfortunately, unable to swap throttle and elevator trims directly.
Model Menu > [FLT_COND] and set Switch SW-F (or other two pos switch) setting ON in preferred or both positions.
Model Menu >[ P_Mix] > Aux 6 (or other spare channel)-Elev. Set rate +=+100% - = +100% .
Switch can be re-named say: Elev_Trim.
System Menu > [Channel] > ch9 AUX6:RT (or LT or CT)

2. Copy Flight condition: as in previous post,
. "C" is combined so if you want the same setting in different flight condition use it..
. "S" is for single so as to make the setting unique to the condition.
The videos, refer FAQ link below, may assist.

3. Switches Re-assign/Swap Switches and or Functions "F" & "H" - DIY notes.

4. Throttle Stick - Reverse Direction - Not presently a menu option.
This is on Aurora A9 - Software Wish List Thread

5. In Flight Mix Change:
Use the adjust funtion option in the switch select menu and assign it to LT, CT, or RT.

6. If the trim is changing with a flight mode change then you need to make sure you center the trims
in each condition in "S" before going back to "C" or it will continue to be off.

7. Sub Trims are only used whilst model is being set up.
Never re-adjust sub trims at a later time without a re-set of that model program and start over.
refer full detail and pictures attached to linked page.
. Sub-Trim and Dual Rate functions can Impact programmed EPA values.
Whilst written at time of Futaba FF7, 8UAP, Eclipse, Optic 6 etc., believe following is still relevant:
EPA, ATV, Dual & Triple Rates, Expo Differences & Caution includes ESC / BEC Set Up.

8.Service Bulletin TX-20100520 Aurora 9 Transmitter - Using EPA and D/R Functions Create Dead Zone in Stick Travel
We have confirmed customer reports of a software bug involving the End Point Adjustment and Dual Rate functions.
When both functions are at their highest settings, there is a significant dead zone at the stick endpoints.
Until this issue is resolved in a future software update, it is advisable for customers to keep either
the D/R or EPA setting at 125% or less and the other at 120% or less.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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