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Almost Bob and your idea would work also. The pic. is just a drill bit stuck through to show the idea (I cheated) :-)
I screw the bolt down in from the top with a screwdriver slot cut in the top of the bolt. You grind the threads off the top of the bolt to slide through the stab instead of drilling it out. This way you can bolt it in per "stock methods" if the need arises.
Some detail: Needs to be tight! YES on the washer or a thin flat piece of aluminum.
Decide on the washer, pin the bolt and screw it in through the stab. from the top till tight then pull the pin and make sure you can still squeeze it down and repin it. THEN LOCK THE THREADS (C/A into the bolt hole from the bottom I'm thinking?) I have used this method to secure wings on a 6' span Cub (8>9 lbs) We might also conscider a short index pin, up (short)from the front bolt hole. Wanna finisih it up right? A short piece of thread on the retaining pin and a dot of epoxy on the stab. and ya neve luse yur pin. :-)
Not trying to be a smart A, I did it all before. :-)

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