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Originally Posted by jesolins View Post
Personally, I would not subject an expensive MK or X-BL or even the versatile and flexible UAVX that costs about a third as much as those and can even be setup as a tricopter or V-tailed copter if desired to the inevitable crashes from aerobatics, but then I am not nearly as good as Warthox at that kind of flying he is able to do with the very successful KK tricopters and quads or the Multiwiicopter tricopter, quad and hexa setups...

For a $40 board option and the excellent build log Alex has posted at a little bit of learning curve to set it up with at for aerobatics is well worth the effort and the knowledge gained will help with any other later build and setup. The Multiwiicopter thread is here: Then you will feel relieved when you trash a $40 FCB in your quest for flying skills
More Warthox:
crash and build a cheap quad a dozen times learning because of the lack of stableness then add up the cost, kk copter is not a quad for learning but rather a cheap quad to start flying, I feel more comfortable tryn things with my xbl or mk because they help you, diy ot kk types do not! just my 2 cents happy flying!
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