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Re hanger rash:
That's why I put colored packing tape on "GOOD" foamys. Even the EPP, EPO types !

The real issue with the H-stab is hooking up the linkage.
With the Rudder bottom so close it leaves no room to "operate" ya know !
Maybe, just maybe if the bottom of the rudder were "relieved" a smidgen ...

Then that leaves the issue of alternative attachment.
The NOSE of the H-stab is already Keyed in place.
More screws out side the fuse are just more drag and just trading screws for screws.
Velcro - maybe but I'm not keen on that idea just yet as it's hard to get loose.
Some kind of SNAP mechanism would be kewel. But What ?
The bottom could be stabilized by a thin cross piece that is permanent.
Something to keep the H-stab Square and level.
A snap like the canopy has would probably be ok then.
Or , I remember seeing some "Velcro Like" strips that were "Beads on stalks" one side
and the a bed of "nails" on the other side. All harder plastic with peel tape attachment.
They popped together an held quite nicely.

Anyway the weather is so bad and miserable
that I've kinda given up on flying it much anymore this year. :-(
So it hard to keep interest, ya know

I suppose the URGENCY of this mod depends just how much your are going
to be flying this model.

The current method and screw work just fine.
It just the hassle factor.
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