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Good one!

At first, I just glued the rubber band dowels in place...

I recieved one email from a guy who wanted both mount options for his standard version... I talked him out of buying tow and just mounting additional rubber band dowels in place... The long ones )parallel to the length of the EyePod),would be low and against the flat base... cross dowels could be mounted just above the long ones and slightly back... THis would allow you to mount it any way you wanted in the field...

I suppose, if you really wanted to be elaborate, you could install styrene receiver tubes for both and then just insert the dowels you choose to use...

I am a TOTAL fan of modifying any of my kits... Somewhere out there is going to be a guy who comes up with an idea that none of us (including your truly), never thought of! The anti-vibration rubber pads were a great contribution...

Please share anything you come across with the rest of us.. This has happened in many of my build threads where builders see something the rest of us didn't and share it and it becomes the standard, either in design, engineering and/or technique/method of building...

Hope this helps?

Kind of on the same subject... One builder emailed me and asked me (besides the obvious looks), what the differences were between the standard and the Aerodynamic versions...

both are really aerodynamic... The standard EyePod, was my first version with the aerodynamic version inspired by my background with sailplanes... thinking the later might produce less drag.

I tried to make the aerodynamic one smaller. The aerodynamic EyePod turned out to be 1 1/4" longer and only 1/8" narrower... The aerodynamic version is also 5 grams lighter than the Standard...

My "personal thoughts" (opinion?) is that the standard EyePod might be better suited for larger planes, and/or rectangular fusealges...

The aerodynamic EyePod might be better suited for smaller park fliers and sailplanes with an ability to be mounted easier on a rounded fusealge.

Here are some measurements (plastic only) I hope will helps:


5-3/4" long
2-1/2" wide

4-7/16" long
2-5/8" wide

Hope this helps!

Always here for questions!

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