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Originally Posted by Mheeli View Post
I moved away from trainer switch and just assign CH 5 to a normal switch.

Take off and fly procedure
- All sticks in mid position
- Flick switch to "Up" position
-> ArDrone takes off and enter position hold
- Fly around
- ArDrone will automatically enter position hold when "Roll" and "Pitch" stick is in the middle.
- During position hold, move throttle up from mid stick to ascend
- Move throttle down from mid stick to descend
- Move throttle to middle to enter altitude hold

Landing procedure
- Find a nice spot
- Flick the switch "down"
-> ArDrone make a slow landing and switch off the motors

and..... repeat for more fun
WOW you are "The Man" bro. Nice work. Looks like I will be ordering the Yellow jacket. Thanks again for doing all the experimenting to find the right combo to make it work.
Z06 Tony is online now Find More Posts by Z06 Tony
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