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Official eyepod "ready" notices sent today!

Hi Guys!

Well, it's finally happened! I could not have done this without Tresa's help! I still have no idea how she accumulated so many mail addresses and sent each of you the notice ...!!!

I'm cutting and pasting the notice into the end of this post just to make sure that everyone who signed up (and those who haven't yet), receive the information. (I've received a few "Failure to deliver email" notices already and there are jut way too many of you to hunt each one down and find out what might be the problem. So if you think you were supposed to receive one and didn't, don't worry. It's here and you're still in! With the arrival of the latest shipment of boxes, I'm pretty confident we can handle any one who wants one.

On a side note, I just received two more client prototype development projects and both start on Monday which means I'm going to be really tight on time for a few weeks. So, I'm using this weekend to produce more kits and Tresa is helping by prepping and bagging parts, folding boxes and packing single/box orders.

I'm asking anyone who wants an EyePod mount to order before Wednesday so that Tresa and I can then pack up the double orders over Thanksgiving and get them out ASAP (I'm not sure if the Post Office is open on Friday or Saturday which is why I put Monday the 29th as the "confirmed" shipping date. If we can get them out sooner, we will.

If you find this after Wednesday, please email me at our website:

and let us know which style and/or how many EyePods you want... but don't send money! Tresa will put you on a list and compare the orders to what we have on hand. IF we can ship out, she'll email you. If we run out, we will save your name and put it on a second list so that I can get to it if I get a break or, when these projects are finished. Shouldn't be later than Christmas.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support!


Here's the notice as it appears in the emails Tresa just sent out:

Thank you for your request for our EyePod camera mount.

All orders that are paid for by midnight (Pacific Standard Time), on Tuesday, November 23rd, will be shipped by Monday, November 29th.

(The delay is not only due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but also because we have received an unexpectedly large number of orders and many of you are changing your orders from one to two EyePod mounts as a result of discovering that shipping fees for two are the same as for one. Because of this, we cannot complete packing until we have received confirmed (paid) orders in order to pack two EyePods in those boxes destined for those of you who are ordering two of one style.)

If you did not hear that we can fit two EyePods into one box and that the shipping fees are the same for one or two EyePods in the same box, here are the details:

We can fit TWO OF THE SAME STYLE (Two Standard OR two Aerodynamic), EyePods into the same box! Shipping fees are not affected by the slight weight gain, which means that you can PURCHASE TWO EyePods (of the same style), and PAY SHIPPING FOR ONLY ONE! This applies to both domestic as well as foreign orders.

Again: The only condition: THE “SHIP TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE EYEPOD DEAL” APPLIES ONLY TO SHIPPING TWO OF THE SAME STYLE EYEPODS IN THE SAME BOX! (Example: 2ea “Standard” EyePods OR 2ea “Aerodynamic” EyePods) I CANNOT FIT ONE OF EACH STYLE INTO THE SAME BOX! Note: This deal is not a two-for-one “purchase price” only the shipping rate is affected.

Shipping Fees: Continental US (excluding Alaska & Hawaii): $8.50 (Priority Insured)

Shipping for all foreign countries (Including Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan): Shipping fees are: $5.00 UN-INSURED! (IMPROTANT NOTE: “Uninsured” means that your EyePod will be sent at your own risk with no recourse if lost or damaged during shipping. Priority shipping with Insurance is available, but the fee for that shipping service is $28.00. (If you want this more expensive service, please contact me directly.)

We accept Payment through Paypal at:


Example: 1-Standard (rectangular) EyePod / 2-Standard EyePods
Example: 1-Aerdynamic (oval shaped) EyePod / 2-Aerodynamic EyePods

We are only shipping these two styles at the moment. We will be releasing the concave backed Aerodynamic and Helicopter EyePod mounts at the beginning of the year.
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