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Aerodynamic, Flat back Build Thread:

Ok... I'm looking at two 8 foot long tables in the living room filled with EyePod parts! (so are Tresa & Kyla!

I have yet to write the email notice, but may get to it today... So please do not send any funds yet!

Also, I did check into the flat rate boxes at the Post Office... missed the size by 1/8" in one direction and 1/4" in the other... Definitely going to keep my eyes on thos boxes though... never know what new project may be designed to fit in the box (You may be shoked or laugh, but many client products I design are designed around those huge shipping containers! How many cases can fit into one with the least amount of wasted air space? how may products can fit into a case that a distributor/retail outlet would purchase at one time... Ok, then how many boxes can fit on a shelf (You did notice that most of the shelves in any given area of a stor are all the same size, right?) Then how many can fit deep into the one shelf exposing the largest flat surface to grab your attention... ever notic that when you pull a large box off the shelf, it's "flat"... lots of other products behind it?

So yes, Some items I can design around a given shipping box and will keep the Flat rate boxes in mind... just a little trivia...

Ok.. lets see if I can up load the build thread for the aerodynamic, flat back EyePod while I'm having lunch... Here's the first post:

Trimming The Outer Shells:

Just like the Standard EyePod kit and the turret ball shells, the rest of the parts of your EyePod are molded to be trimmed using the same trim tool in the same manner that we trimmed the turret balls… Take your time and remember… Gently! Lightly! And Backwards!

#1: After scoring the plastic using the blade backwards, the trim tool can be moved forward to help the process.

#1: Trimmed Plastic Parts

#2: Using a regular Xacto blade, cut out the ball turret opening (This photos is of the Aerodynamic EyePod, but they are both relatively the same piece and process.)

#3: Ball turret opening trimmed.
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